company profile
Since our establishment in 2001, we at STISCO (Specialized Technologies for Industrial Supplies co. Ltd.) have grown leaps and bounds as a provider of products and services for a large range of customers over a variety of industries. Our headquarters are located in Al-Khobar with branch offices in Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah.
Our operations are divided into three major divisions which include:
Oil and Gas Division
Provides an array of specialized solutions which includes remote well monitoring, drilling equipment, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), logging services, pipeline leak detection systems, dedicated software and hardware for upstream oil & gas to enable the digital oilfield.
Power, Water and Industrial Division
Provides supplies and services for waste water management, power generation plants , monitoring and management. We also supply a wide variety of industrial equipment, raw materials, spare parts and manufacturing consumables.
Safety & Security Division
Provides crime laboratory and forensic materials along with other security and safety products such as surveillance systems, smart weapons control, fireman’s gear, gas monitoring, smoke ejectors and many more.
STISCO strives to excel in each field and aims to further grow and develop as one of the major suppliers of specialized industrial services and technologies in the Kingdom.